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Rachel Arcane Jewelry

Confetti Chrysocolla and Sterling Earrings

Confetti Chrysocolla and Sterling Earrings

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Rare Confetti Chrysocolla set in Sterling Silver with 16 gauge ear wire. Please let me know if you would like to have the ear wire traded for smaller gauge. The weight for each piece is approximately 7.5 grams.  

US Quarter used for size reference 

DISCLAIMER ~ one stone cracked during the setting process. While it has been glued back together, the earrings have been discounted significantly to accommodate this flaw 

**All product photos are unedited and shot using studio as well as natural light

***Please note: Each piece is slowly hand-crafted by myself. Naturally, they are OOAK with their own unique differences and variations. 

**** I use ethically sourced, high-quality stones that justifiably come at a higher price. These pieces are mined, cut, polished, and sold by local buyers to the stone origin. Buying ethically sourced stones comes at a higher cost because you are supporting local miners and lapidary artists. Buying low-quality stones from non-reputable sources aides in child labor and unliveable wages ****

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