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Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Ring - US 8.5

Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Ring - US 8.5

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Rainbow Moonstone set in Sterling with a size 8.5 ring shank. Shank size is not adjustable. US Quarter used for size reference 

Rainbow Moonstone is actually a variety of Labradorite that flashes colors and rainbows throughout. The name was coined by lapidaries to describe the stone, although it’s not actually part of the Moonstone family. 

**All product photos are unedited and shot using studio as well as natural light

***Please note: Each piece is slowly hand-crafted by myself. Naturally, they are OOAK with their own unique differences and variations. 

**** I use ethically sourced, high-quality stones that justifiably come at a higher price. These pieces are mined, cut, polished, and sold by local buyers to the stone origin. Buying ethically sourced stones comes at a higher cost because you are supporting local miners and lapidary artists. Buying low-quality stones from non-reputable sources aides in child labor and unliveable wages ****

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